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Office Moving

   At facilities Logistics Inc. we move offices professionally, quickly and affordably. Whether you occupy an entire office building or work out of a single suite, call us the next time you move. We can provide a full range of services including:

   We also offer trained personnel who can help you with floor planning design and will deliver and install all types of modular furniture. Facilities Logistics Inc. provides our clients with installation of new and used products, reconfiguration of existing layouts, customization of panels, lamination of work surfaces, re-covering and cleaning of panels, and computer layout and design. We have access to fabric, electronic components, paint, etc. for reconditioning of entire workstations.

   Facilities Logistics Inc. can evaluate a new or existing office space and provide consultation on how to best use the space you have. We take into consideration traffic, patterns, office environment, lighting and communication needs when determining the office layout recommendations. 

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